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Decorative ArrowRequirements Vetting & Rapid Delivery

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Decorative ArrowOver 100 Government Agencies

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Requirements Vetting & Rapid DeliveryCoordinates thousands of user capability gaps annually and utilizes user-based prioritization to focus on the most urgent operational needs. Attacks those needs with interagency and international partners to eliminate duplication of effort. CTTSO then joins forces with its partners to solve remaining needs and deliver solutions back to the users as rapidly as possible.

Over 100 Government Agencies

Formal communication links to the services and combatant commands; the interagency community; federal, state, and local first responders; and international partners. Anyone with a combating terrorism need is welcome to the table.

Requirements Vetting & Rapid DeliveryPrototypes are field tested and delivered to the end user before the traditional acquisition process is fully engaged. Typically 12-24 months from the time the operational requirement is received; 6-12 month delivery on the short side.

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Combined Expertise

Leverages combined expertise and experience from government, commercial, private, and academic sources throughout the United States and the world.  This brings a level of unparalleled technical knowledge toward every aspect of the organization.

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Information Sharing & Shared Resources


50/50 ratio of resources contributed for common requirements.

International Partners

Enables collaboration on scores of development efforts, resulting in millions of dollars in research and development cost avoidance, and provides benefits for the entire combating terrorism community.

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Decorative ArrowFinancial Leveraging

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By focusing on commonalities between the needs of armed forces; federal, state, and local agencies; and international partners, we can attack needs where they intersect, thus developing a solution once rather than having each agency pay to solve the problem alone.



Financial LeveragingIn addition to hundreds of millions of dollars in non-financial benefits from cooperation and collaboration, CTTSO has received a financial return on investment of 170% since September 11, 2001.