TOS Projects


Remote Area Aviation Mobility (RAAM)

Project RAAM provides distributed, organic, and timely (1-2 hour response) aviation support flown by military pilots and maintained by military maintenance professionals. It is designed to explore how to provide ground forces with fast and ready access to flexible and agile air support, while still making it affordable, sustainable, and safe.


Ultra Mobile Tactical Computer (UMTC)

The Ultra Mobile Tactical Computer affords end users with a full and familiar computing environment capable of running the latest desktop operating systems and software suites while still being small enough to be worn by the soldier in a convenient manner and that is affordable enough that the devices are easily replaced if broken.


Multifunctional GPS/Emergency Device (MGED)

The Multifunction GPS/Emergency Device provides the SOF operator with one ubiquitous device that integrates the functionality of the Blue Force Tracking system, the capability of the Combat Survivor Evader Locator radio, and the ease of use of a commercially available GPS device.


Air to Ground Mobile Mesh Network (AGMMN)

The Air to Ground Mobile Mesh Network uses a man-wearable tactical mobile ad hoc network called WaveRelay™ that allows dismounted operators to receive and view Full Motion Video with AES 256 encryption and encoded with H.264 commercial compression. The Full Motion Video and other data can be automatically routed to any user within the network without the need for a direct connection to the UAS.


Enhanced Collapsible-Wing Micro Tactical Unmanned Aerial System (ECWMTUAS)

The ECWMTUAS, known by the system name, “Arrow Lite,” provides SOF with an aerial ISR capability that can be launched within seconds of orienting the transport canister in a safe direction, comes with both day and night mechanically-stabilized payloads, has a Suite B-encrypted mobile ad hoc network data link that allows the Arrow-Lite to also serve as a tactical communications relay, can fly at dash speeds more than 50 knots and weighs less than five pounds.


SOF Marksmanship Advancement

The SOF Marksmanship Advancement program takes a holistic look at currently available technologies, developing technologies, and training methods to create a new and novel equipment and training package for SOF snipers and long-range shooters.




Directed Studies

The Directed Studies program is an effort to develop and deliver in-depth analysis of the activities and motives of individual countries, organizations, or threat subjects. Subjects covered in the studies include: objectives, alliances, structure, history, and activities of the subject country, organization, or threat.


Law Enforcement Tactical Ballistic Helmet

In 2011, Artisent, Inc. delivered an enhanced pre-production prototype helmet that is capable of stopping .44 magnum rounds with minimal backface deformation (less than 1.25 inches), has an internal drop-down ballistic visor, and includes an adjustable head fit-band retentions system for comfort.


Enhanced Mortar Targeting System (EMTAS)

The Enhanced Mortar Targeting System was developed to address the critical capability gaps of providing precision indirect fire 360 degrees from a single firing position using existing U.S. mortar tubes and U.S. standard non-guided ammunition.