Improvised Device Defeat

Improvised Device Defeat (IDD) Subgroup


Identify, prioritize, and execute advanced technology development efforts that satisfy mission critical needs, fill capability gaps, and address interagency requirements for tools, technologies, and equipment necessary to counter terrorist and criminal use of explosives, the global proliferation of improvised devices, and emerging explosive threats. 

Focus Areas

Decision Support and Modeling

Device DefeatDevelop tools that exploit diverse and disparate data sources in order to enhance end-user analytics, decision-making, and planning. Establish platforms that facilitate forward deployed and reach-back information sharing and collaboration capabilities. Create tools that provide operators and planners at the operational and tactical levels a better understanding of the operational environment, highlight first and higher order effects of alternate courses of action, and facilitate near real-time decisions within the context of the mission. 

Explosive Materials Recovery and Disposal

Identification and DiagnosticsImprove or develop desensitization, neutralization, and disposal tools and/or techniques for commercial and military explosives, homemade/improvised explosives, precursor materials, and enhanced payloads such as flammable liquids and gases. 


Explosives and IED Threat Characterization

Emerging ThreatsCreate or improve tools and technologies that satisfy interagency and international requirements to address adaptive threats associated with criminal and terrorist use of explosives, homemade/improvised explosives and their precursors, and improvised and unconventional explosive devices and their components. Develop analytical tools and techniques that provide an understanding of how and why various IED components can be used in device construction to achieve intended effects and outcomes. Advance IED threat modeling to understand threat actors and their weaponeering strategies. Design and fabricate surrogates to simulate IED threats. 

IED Defeat Operations

Remote ProceduresDevise and produce technologies to defeat, neutralize, or render safe the broad spectrum of improvised devices, including remote-controlled IEDs (RCIEDs), vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs), person-borne IEDs (PBIEDs), improvised standoff weapons, water-borne IEDs (WBIEDs), and enhanced hazard devices containing chemical, biological, or radiological materials. Develop advanced robotic systems to remotely identify access, diagnose, and defeat improvised devices. Test and characterize IED countermeasures performance. 


IED Diagnostics and Component Identification

Tool Characterization and Information ResourcesProvide advanced technologies and technical solutions that improve analysis of IEDs, including analysis of their components, circuitry, design and construction. Improve tools to locate and identify IED fuzing and firing components. Enhance systems to remotely access, diagnose, and defeat improvised and unconventional explosive devices. 


Lessons Learned and Information Sharing

Maritime SecurityProduce applications for rapid and efficient dissemination of threat information regarding criminal and terrorist use of explosives, as well as technical information regarding IED construction and use. Formulate knowledge-based strategies necessary to improve IED response operations and transfer lessons learned between military and civilian IED response communities. 


Ordnance Response Operations

Maritime SecurityDesign and develop tools to locate and verify the presence of unexploded ordnance, technologies to identify type, condition, and nomenclature of unexploded ordnance and associated fuzing, technologies to enhance situational awareness and sustain operational capabilities during ordnance response operations, and tools and equipment for render safe, disruption and/or disposal operations. These tools and technologies must have application to a range of munitions, including munitions containing conventional and non-conventional fillers as well as munitions containing insensitive high explosives.  



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