Next Generation X-ray Generator


Next Generation X-ray GeneratorFocus Area: Identification

Description: The purpose of this effort is to develop an advanced X-ray generator that has enhanced capability in penetration of heavy metallic objects and that allows for easier integration into currently fielded remote systems that support digital scanning and transmission of C-IED and weapons of mass destruction information. The system shall generate X-rays at the 150-300 KeV level with source strengths equal to or greater than currently fielded systems. The X-ray generator will combine with the current flat panel Phosphor Storage Plate processor used as the Navy Air Assault X-ray system and shall interoperate from inception and initial design. 

Project Cost: $0.750M

Project Duration: 28 months

Operational Impact: The Next Generation X-ray Generator provides an enhanced capability for Joint Service EOD operators to safely identify IED components encountered during missions.  

Performer: XRSciences LLC

End Users: Joint Service Explosive Ordnance Disposal and public safety bomb technicians

Transition: Planned transition to military program of record and commercialization